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Pic of Matthijs de Ligt mocked up wearing Man Utd shirt emerges… and fans are loving it

MANCHESTER UNITED fans are loving a mocked up picture of Ajax star Matthijs de Ligt in their new home kit. Daily Express :: Sport Feed  More...

Arsenal confirm they WILL have Europa League parade if they beat Chelsea – route revealed

ARSENAL have confirmed that they will hold an open-top bus parade should they be victorious in their Europa League final clash with Chelsea. Daily Express :: Sport Feed  More...

Will Virat Kohli’s stunning wife Anushka Sharma be at World Cup? She is HELPING the team

VIRAT KOHLI has revealed that his wife, Anushka Sharma, has helped the India cricket team as they prepare for the World Cup. Will the Bollywood actress be in the UK for Kohli’s More...

Virgin Media and BT reveal huge bonus available THIS WEEK

VIRGIN Media and BT have revealed a huge bonus available this week and here is what’s coming. Daily Express :: Tech Feed  More...

Google Maps update brings another incredible feature for users

GOOGLE Maps has been updated to bring another incredible feature, but here is why UK users will be disappointed for now. Daily Express :: Tech Feed  More...

Boots store closures: More than 200 UK branches face closure – is yours Boots at risk?

BOOTS could be set to close more than 200 pharmacy branches, its US owner has announced. Daily Express :: Finance Feed  More...

Pound euro exchange rate: GBP subdued as Jeremy Hunt issues new Brexit warning

THE pound remains subdued against the euro and the pairing is currently trading at around €1.131. Daily Express More...

Apple’s iPod is back with extra power, more features and an affordable price tag

APPLE has rebooted its popular iPod Touch which now features more power and new features such...

Entire three bed semi-detached house on sale for £30,000 offers ‘investment potential’

A HOUSE for sale in Blyth, Northumberland, has been listed online for a shockingly low price....

Woman reveals weight loss diet plan that helped her lost FOUR stone – so what did she eat?

WEIGHT loss is hard, but this woman has revealed the diet plan she followed to help...

EU and Italy on COLLISION COURSE as Brussels to hit Rome with £3BILLION fine

ITALY and the European Union look set to lock horns again with financial bosses likely to slap Rome with a More...

Bitcoin fraud WARNING: Crypto scammers posing as legit UK businesses to scam YOUR money

CRYPTO fraudsters are posing as genuine London city firms to steal from innocent Britons. Daily Express :: City and Business Feed..

Boots store closures: More than 200 pharmacy branches face closure in UK

BOOTS could be set to close more than 200 pharmacy branches, its US owner has announced. Daily Express :: City and..

The best supplements for gut health: Which supplement to take to help relieve IBS

THE GUT plays a very important role in your health. It controls digestion and benefits your immune system. More...

Vitamin D deficiency: Doctor Chris urges those living in one area to watch out for symptom

VITAMIN D is essential for strong bones as it helps with the body use calcium. Dr Chris revealed one of the..

This invention cutting period poverty

Saying ‘Goodbye’ to pads and period poverty, and ‘Hello’ to the menstrual cup BBC News – Health..

You won’t BELIEVE which BANNED Oscar-winning classic is releasing in China after 18 years

CHINESE cinemas are set to release previously banned Oscar-winning Japanese anime classic Spirited Away after 18 years. Daily Express :: Entertainment..

Pulling over to let an ambulance pass could land you a £1,000 fine

DRIVERS are being warned that pulling over to let an emergency service vehicle pass then they could be fined £1,000. Daily..

Love Island 2019 cast: Who is Sherif Lanre? How old is he?

LOVE ISLAND 2019’s cast includes rugby player and chef Sherif Lanre. But who is Sherif Lanre, how old is he and..
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