Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2018

News story: Our members

Who are our members?

Parole Board Members are public appointees who are appointed through an open recruitment process by the Secretary of State for Justice. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including specialist members who may be judges, psychiatrists or psychologists. Specialist members are allocated based on the facts of a particular case.

Key statistics

  • Total number of members: 246
  • Independent members: 151
  • Judicial members: 44
  • Probation members: 5
  • Psychiatrist members: 15
  • Psychologist members: 31
  • 50:50 Male to Female ratio.
  • 4% of Members are BAME.

As of January 2018, 100 members out of the total 246 are Chairs, meaning they can act as the lead member on a panel for an oral hearing.

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News story: Our members